Self-Audit and Goal Setting

What are you main strengths in media? 

On the practical side of media, one of my strengths is the cinematography of how my shots are framed, in-fact I would say over the past year on the course, that would be the aspect of filmmaking that I have improved on the most. Furthermore since I did a Media GCSE and AS level I would say that another strength would be my ability to look into a media product and analyse it in depth.

What are the main areas you need to work on?

One of the main areas I need to work on is my social skills, I find presenting, talking to group a very nerve-racking experience, even though these particular skills are very important to someone looking for a job in the Media industry. Yet another area would be organisation and time management, planning a production, finishing it and getting it complete on time is sometimes challenging for me, a crucial aspect for the media industry also.

How ambitious are you? What does this mean to you?

When planning a lot of my projects, sometimes I can be too ambitious for something within my budget/expertise, so I would say I am quite an ambitious person. However this isn’t all bad, it can lead on to different ideas, and I think it’s better to over-develop an idea than to have something undeveloped and not going anywhere.

How much do you know about applying to University? How confident are you about this process?

Honestly, I don’t know much about the process of applying to University, and therefore wouldn’t be too confident about applying without any help.

How much do you know about Apprenticeships? How confident are you about the application process for this?

I am fairly confident I could apply for this myself, I do not know an awful lot about this process however it is easy to gain this knowledge through the internet. It’s also a lot easier than the university application in my opinion due to it being a much smaller decision and not exactly costing as much as university might do.

How much do you know about Media Work Placements? How confident are you about the application process for these? 

I would approach a media work placement like any other job depending on the company/workplace. Obviously I would get together a media specific CV and apply considering any specific requirements the company may have on the application. I am quite confident I could complete this process.

What are your main work/education goals for the next 12 months?

Over the next 12 months I have a few goals, one would be to try and increase my confidence, talking in front of groups and presenting ideas. Another would be to create a short film to enter and try to possibly win in a film festival. Finally, getting a job/apprenticeship with some relevance to the media industry (or even go freelance) as university does not appeal to me as much.

What are your main work/education goals for the next 3 Years?

The next three years is a long time to think about. But what I am really going to work for is to try and go freelance in film-making, anything that I can get work for, editing, filming to not only hone my skills in every aspect but to hopefully get noticed and be able to start making a name for myself within smaller communities first and then working my way up through possibly working on some smaller films and then ultimately going even further to a cinematographer or directer position by getting jobs with filmmakers/companies with my experience. If the freelance doesn’t seem suitable or there is some sort of change I would aim for a workplace in something quite media orientated, specifically film making.


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