Choosing Your Focus Area

The specific industry I am going to be researching and exploring is film, as well as using representation as my specific media topic area.

I have decided to name my Ted Talk:

The Colour of Story


The main theme and idea for my Ted Talk is to explore how the representation of colour in film contributes to telling the story. I’ve know from previously studying GCSE and A-level media that colour has had certain effects on the audience and that each colour has particular connotations in most media products, this leads to colour being thought of carefully and very deliberately represented. I am personally quite interested in this topic, and although I know some aspects of colour in film I want to further push my knowledge in this area, as I know there are advanced meanings to the way it is used in films and theories. Learning these will undoubtedly help me somewhere in the future since I am hoping to progress into a career that continue with film. When researching this subject I want to look at the history, since the full variety of colour was not available quite early on in the world of cinema I want to look into how these ideologies progressed into how colour is presented today. Along with this looking at some film scenes and how the colour helped push the story forward or evoked an emotion. My expected results may include certain different types of colour palettes and what these colours together achieve or connote,

into how these ideologies progressed into how colour is presented today.

During my talk I want to focus on a couple of areas:

1- The meaning/connotions of colours distinctively, how different colours can make us think and feel different emotions.

2- Analyse a scene for how they use colours, to tell story (blue is the warmest colour) the name also affects this.

3- Look at Star Wars: The Force Awakens colour chart and see how you can define a lot of things about the story – good vs bad (red vs blue).

5- Peter Jackson. How he used colours to give environments, scenes and characters different characteristics to help tell story in The Lord of the Rings.

6- Look at colour temperature fairly detailed, look at exmaples of films that have used two contrasting temperatures and how they have contribued to the telling of the story.

7- Colour palletes: I think looking or researching some colour palettes to see what you can understand about the movie just from them. Is it possible to get some sort of sense of story from the colour palette?

This is a really interesting topic for me a lot of the history will be about facts but colour can have psychological effects that are not completely understood thus are not completely made up of facts. This means I am unsure where my research will lead me to, however I think my research will probably conlcude in looking at some theory, I will undoubtable have a better understanding of colour; particularly looking at the history, I want to learn about specfic colour theory, what HSV means and how colour developed.  Finally I think that after I have learned all of this, and once the Ted Talk section is over I plan to retain this information and put it into practise on my FMP.


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