Corporate Video Evaluation

Throughout this project I worked with Ozz, Ben and Dan.

Before I start on my evaluation it is important to say exactly what we were aiming for. After meetings with Laura, inputting our own ideas and taking hers into consideration we decided we were going to aim for more of a narrative telling the story of her and her shop. We thought this was a clever way of selling her products through showing them off in the narrative and inputting how much work Laura puts into her products without literally having the videos purpose solely to sell her work. Not only did Laura agree but she was quite impressed that we had this vision and from this communication in the first few meetings it definitely meant we was all on the same page and this most certainly made the process of making it especially smooth. Overall the unfinished edit that we had worked on was exactly 7 minutes and 3 seconds and we thought this did pretty much what it set out to do.

We went to see our client Laura after we had our first unfinished edit. After watching just our unfinished edit she was extremely pleased with the shots that we managed to get and said that the overall look was exactly what she was looking for.

One thing that they did mention which made us as a team feel like the project was a success was that, when we first emailed them (Laura and her husband, Dave) they were quite unsure as they thought we would be a couple of college kids just doing this for a project and not really putting much effort into it. However what they did say that was after the first meeting where we came prepared and did our research, she saw that we knew what we were doing and really liked the idea the we had. This feedback was so great to hear coming from a client, and it just boosts our confidence if we go into more projects like this. She was so impressed even after the first meeting that she invited us to the animation studios that was making her book into an animation that could potentially end up on TV so we could film some parts that could be used in the final edit, this straight away showed us that Laura had trust in us and gave us such a good opportunity for us to prove ourselves and what we could do.

Following her initial feedback of adding more filler shots (which we had already intended anyway) I then asked Laura a few questions in order to complete this evaluation. For example, I asked: going along with the narrative idea that we tried to create and selling your products through this corporate video, do you think it achieved what it set out to do? (Is it fit for purpose?) Her response involved her once again saying about how much she liked the idea of selling her products through a story of her and her shop, because it’s like a corporate video and still selling her work, while not directly being a corporate video trying to force feed the audience. She then followed that up with saying how impressed she was with the video, mentioning that she thought the shots were well lit and all looked very impressive.

Looking at her main feedback we learned that there were plenty more areas where we could have added footage of inside her store for longer and even more shots, for example Laura painting. Laura also mentioned if she was being really picky she would also include a few more shots of the store as a whole. Some of these things we were planning to add in however this was an unfinished edit, so it was good to have these things clarified.

Probably the response that I most wanted to hear was when I asked her if she was going to use the video. She immediately replied with absolutely and then went on to say again how well it was done, and how she knows her audience will like it. Overall I would say that the client was very happy with this video and what we did. I feel like we have made a genuine friendship with Laura and Dave as well as good contacts as Laura has worked for a TV production company before and I believe she said she was going to refer them our video which is such an amazing opportunity again.

There is the signed brief by Laura and other documents:



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