Critical Reflection

To start, the self-audit and goal setting document really made me think, it was hard to put into words where I wanted to be or what job I wanted to be in like 3-5 years. Writing this felt like carving my future, and since I still don’t know exactly what I want to do (which doesn’t really bother me too much at the moment). I feel like most people focus on getting the one job they want, and not knowing what job or career they want to pursue means that they have no sort of fulfilment or satisfaction. Whenever I think about what job I want to do for the rest of my life I think of The Bee Movie, strange but for me it’s daunting that you will have the same job for the rest of your life, that’s why at the moment I am keeping my options open and just another reason why I like the media industry as its so diverse and creative. What I am trying to say it this actually made me think about what I wanted to do, taking into account my strengths and weaknesses, and just briefly looking at my options.

When looking at my options for my next steps, reflecting on my routes was really beneficial and allowed me to think about how I could make it into the industry through all of these progression routes. Looking through university courses was quite difficult even though it’s the option I least want to take, for me its the thought of getting into A LOT of student debt to then think that the editing course you are on is not right for you, where you think now that things would have been better, or you would have enjoyed it more taking a scriptwriting course for example. My most favourable progression route would probably be an apprenticeship, I could learn and work my way into the industry at the same time, as well as earning some money to support my living. But freelance could also be a good progression choice.

So if after this course has finished and I have limited options, or haven’t been successful in any applications, I want to spend the summer doing as many things related to the media as possible. To rephrase, I mean I want to sort of build a portfolio, do any corporate videos and as many as I can. If I make some money then great but if not, it’s all going to building a portfolio for a possible freelance, or employment route so it will be worth it.

To finish I just want to say that after this college course I don’t want to continue down the route of education. I started learning about the media, when doing my GCSEs and found that I had an interest for it, but after that first year it sparked into a passion. I enjoyed learning about it after that into an A-level course and then further progressing to this college course. But I don’t think staying in education is the best way to go about things, for me this college course has been a tester to see if I can produce these products, short films, documentaries and if I would enjoy this as a living. Which I can now finally say, that I know I want to have a job somewhere in the media industry.




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