Finding, Understanding And Approaching A Client

-Research – Video Analysis

Before I can begin approaching clients about creating them a corporate video, it would be extremely useful to gain an understanding of how they should be as a finished product and look at the different styles of corporate videos by analysing some existing work.


The first corporate video that I wanted to analyse was an infographic for a charity called Shelter, it is less of a corporate video but still holds the same structure and I thought this would be useful to look at as a charity could be a potential client to create a corporate video for.

After watching this infographic numerous times I have learned a lot about their purpose and the format of the video as well as some of the elements involved. Overall the video was very informational and fairly fast paced, the purpose of the video was to educate people on their motives, and inform people on how they help the homeless in an attempt to fundraise and generally raise awareness for this problem.

Looking at the specific elements I noticed that the editing it also fast paced to go with the quick information dispensing, there are quick transitions with high quality animation graphics to keep the audience’s attention. This effect contributes in a way to how the video interacts with the audience, as there is a lot going on with the animation, sound and editing it is quite obvious that the elements of the video are created to show how they are helping the homeless in a way that keeps the audiences attention.

The sound used also plays a big part in the final product of the video. Throughout there is a female voiceover and sound effects to enhance the animation effects.  However there is no music until the end where a jingle plays, I think this is to address the seriousness of the information they are displaying and to ensure the audience is only concentrated on that information and not being distracted by any music.

There are 3 main colours involved in the infographic: red, white and black. This I think is to show the audience that these are the statistics, in black and white, showing that the information is solid fact, and the very … red shows that there is a real problem involved. Highlighting the seriousness of this info graphic video.

The Exploding Bakery

A local Exeter bakery has a very good corporate video including lots of information about their products and standards they offer as a company.

Looking at the mise-en-scene, it shows that the video was created in a professional way that pays off in the final images. All of the shots are quite aesthetically pleasing as well as showing off the bakery’s best looking products freshly made, in some shots it shows the nice looking bakery products in the foreground as the subject of the image, while having people working out of focus in the background; this shows that they work hard for the customer (you) to make these products, and that they are made in the highest of quality. This effect shows the customer that they care for them, potential increasing customer satisfaction and creating a sort of brand name for themselves. To support this point they also show some customers in their bakery smiling and having fun while enjoying their hot drinks.

The cinematography of this corporate video is exceptionally well considered and overall achieved a much higher quality corporate video.  To start, the lighting is very soft but bright, even the first shot includes the sun shining through the bakery, giving off a feel good effect along with the warm colours. Furthermore a lot of the shots have a shallow depth of field further emphasising the soft feel with the light, which may make the viewer feel at home or comfortable and content while watching this, making them want to actually go into the bakery and check it out for themselves. Nearly all of the shots look hand-held, not extremely shaky, but give off a vey calm look, and gives the impression that they are always moving, working  positively with lots of energy.

The editing further contributes to the style of the corporate video, for the most part the editing is simple cuts, no funky transitions, nothing distracting, along with the hand-held camera footage, it makes the cuts very smooth and feels right. However, with this the cuts are never too slow, the whole thing is quite fast-paced but it consistently keeps that energy and isn’t too fast either.

For the sound, there is a nice smooth, calm piano melody throughout; which fades in and out when someone speaks which keeps the flow and adds to the quality of the video itself by sounding professional; this also allows the customers to focus on what the actual employees are saying. Another point is that there is no sound of the actual cooking or baking, I would have thought that this would have made the video more personal and  involving the audience more, however it may not have went with the music so that could have been a reason why they left it out.

Primetime Amusements

As I couldn’t find a pre existing corporate video for a pier, I decided to find a selection of corporate videos on amusements as they share similarities in their business.  This first example was a corporate video for PrimeTime Amusements. The whole mise en scene of this video is structured much like a video game or amusements game as being shown throughout the video this is further denoted through the use of music as it that similar to what you’d expect from an arcade game this is also shown through the whole video being constructed as a game it starts from you switching it on, to the name and load up screen, to the content, to the the credits at the end. This has been really effective as it help aims it audience by making the video like the products they offer. The purpose of the video is to show all games and features that the company offers, as like any corporate video. The editing through-out the video is someone simple with straight cuts with reasonable time I order to give its audience a chance to see the products offered by the company. The use of infographics and visual effect further denote the video game style the makers have tried to stick to. The information throughout the video gives a brief history and clear representation on what the company offers while clearly sowings its whole ideology as a company. This shown through thing such as, “industries complete solution.”

Potential Clients

Men’s Sheds – Charity

ukmensshedsOn the same page as charity, Men in Sheds charity is a potential client that could benefit from a corporate video, rather than a few pictures alongside words that they have on their information page about the “shed” in Exeter located on the Age Uk website. Although they do have their own website, all of the videos are extremely outdated with the exception of one, and none of them are specific to the Exeter “shed” which would be the focus location of the corporate video. Looking at the charity, Men’s Sheds claim to be just like a bigger version of a typical mans garden shed, the members that join Men’s Shed get to join this friendly environment working on their own products restoring old tools and other wood/metal work in a friendly, safe way. This not only introduces something new and exiting for the elderly members to enjoy, but also offers them a learning experience where they can make new friends. Although the majority of the people who go to Men’s Sheds are older men(over 50), this does not restrict woman and younger people from these sites. A more up to date and better quality video would be extremely useful for Men’s Sheds, as it can not only help them reach out to more people that would like to join the charity, but it could also help with getting the word out for people who could donate to the charity, overall expanding the charity, and helping more elderly men find a hobby in their later life.

Laura Wall – Artist and Illustrator

Image result for laura wall shop

Laura Wall is an artist and illustrator who owns a studio and gallery based in Teignmouth where she sells her work along with other products. The website gives a lot of in-depth detail about her work, life and her achievements. However, I feel that a corporate video would be very beneficial for a small business like this one, not only would it help advertise the business but it offers her customers a in-sight in to what gets on and the feeling of knowing Laura better – the person who they could be paying a significant amount of money for her work. Laura doesn’t really have a specific audience, she’s an artist and creates what feels natural to her, however a great deal of people in Teignmouth may like her style of art as it strongly portrays sections inspired by the local seaside, and other locations.

Teignmouth Grand Pier


Background – Teignmouth Grand Pier is a great day out for family and friends. There’s something for everyone – from big kids to little ones – it offers you all the traditional attractions and entertainment in the Great British spirit of the seaside.  Everything was updated and we purchased new equipment along with traditional seaside amusements and new ticket redemption games, Happy Pigs and Crossy Road. Despite the yearly battering of wind and waves we have reached the grand old age of 151 this year. Teignmouth’s Grand Pier is situated in the middle of a superb level seafront. There’s ample free car parking along the promenade, with coach parking on the East Cliff a short, sign-posted walk away. 

Outline Customers – the customers for the pier are mostly tourists as Teignmouth is a very common holiday destination for family and Pensioners, and the pier has things for all ages it offers all traditional attractions, amusements, games and gamblers and video games with an ice cream and coffee shop. As it does include amusements the audience has a high percentage of children both locals and those on holiday. This shows how the video would need to be child friendly maybe meaning most of the video to be aimed at the entertainment side due to the percentage ratio of audiences.

Why they might need a corporate  video – Back in 2014 Teignmouth pier lost 90%  of  its machines and suffered with considerable damage that resulted in 6 months closure. This has lead to a considerable lose of business especially as it was closed through some of the peak months of the year. This shows how it might need a corporate video to increase or pick up business for next year, as since the storms the pier now has invested in new and updated arcade machines. Which potential customers don’t know about due to the negative publicity the pier has received. Also when the pier reopened its wasn’t advertised and people didn’t even realise it had re-opened.

Bronx – Restaurant 

Owner Patrick Fogarty moved to London from Teignmouth in the nineties and has worked alongside
many of the country’s best mixologists, setting up and running some of the capital’s most exclusive cocktail bars and private member’s clubs.  Patrick has also set up multiple site food operations, fine dining restaurants as well as having consulted on spirits & Beer brand development. Patrick has a vast knowledge of drinks of all genres from craft beer & spirits to wine & cocktails.  He is obsessed with true smoked BBQ and is self trained in Southern states cooking along with a little help from New York’s Pit Masters. Fellow owner Dee Livingstone met Patrick in the big smoke while performing on the London stage.  Dee has managed everything from boutique hotels to gastro pubs over the years and is also an accomplished jazz singer.  Prior to moving back to Teignmouth, Patrick and Dee co owned a jazz restaurant in London for 7 years.

There would be a wide variety of customers at Bronx, from large family parties to the occasion cocktail drinker. Mostly local people dine at Bronx as it is a smaller lesser known company, however lots of people in the area know about Bronx. I would think it invites anyone who likes American food and America in general also, due to the menu and the overall style of the restaurant. Well firstly I think to get recognized by a higher volume of people from different areas in Devon. If people are passing through teignmouth from other areas and have seen a good corporate video that makes Bronx seem appealing they may consider stopping for a bite to eat. The other reason I think Bronx could benefit from a video is even more local recognition and understanding, because if people learn more about the workers and what they’re about more local people may consider trying Bronx.

Client Emails

After researching and briefly understanding the companies, emails were our first point of contact. So there are the emails we sent to potential clients:

Men’s Sheds

Dear Mr Bond,

I am a student at Exeter College studying a film and TV course. For our current unit we need to find, understand and approach a client about creating a “corporate video” and we thought your charity, Men’s Sheds would be a perfect organisation to create a video for.

We are a group of four with good camera knowledge and great equipment and we think it would be beneficial for yourselves to have a specific up-to-date corporate video specifically for your Exeter Shed to help educate people on what Men’s Sheds is all about.

For us to be able to create this video, it would be great if we could join in on one of the sessions and talk to a few members as well as just recording what you do at Men’s Sheds.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email and I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Brandon Apps.



Wednesday 21st September – James replied with the following:


It appears that the next step would be to contact the manager for Age Uk Exeter and see if they are in need of a corporate style video. An update on this matter, we never contacted Age UK as Laura replied and we thought Laura would be much more appropriate for us to film and easier to get equipment to her shop.

Laura Wall – Artist and Illustrator

Dear Laura,

I am a local student currently studying film and TV at Exeter College. For our most recent unit we need to find, understand and approach a client about creating a “corporate video”.

I live in Teignmouth and have seen lots of your wonderful work, I thought you would be the perfect person to make the video for. We are a group of four with a wide range of skills and knowledge about producing films and videos. I think it would be very beneficial for you to have a creative corporate video depicting who you are and what you do. I believe video is the best way to reach out to a larger amount of customers and become more broadly recognised.

It would be incredible to have the opportunity to collaborate with you on this short college project.

Yours sincerely,

Brandon Apps.



Laura’s first response:


Our response:


Dear Bronx,

I am a student at Exeter College studying a film and TV course. For our current unit we need to find, understand and approach a client about creating a “corporate video” and we thought your business would be a perfect organisation to create a video for.

We are a group of four with good camera knowledge and great equipment and we think it would be beneficial for yourselves to have a stylish video displaying the food and drinks you make at your wonderful restaurant.

For us to be able to create this video, it would be great if we could visit your restaurant and discuss with you the details further.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email and I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Brandon Apps.

We didn’t get any response from Bronx.


Laura Wall – Artist and Illustrator

Here is our actual client proposal for Laura Wall. This is written before our first meeting with her, so we won’t have a formal written brief until we meet her and hear what she would like to include. This is designed to be what we take to the meeting, based on what we think her corporate video could include.

The film will be approximately 2-3 minutes. There are two main purposes of the corporate video: inform and advertise. Our aim is to inform the audience about who Laura Wall is and what she does as well as information about the gallery such as opening times and location. We also want to advertise her work, by giving people an insight into her creative process using original and interesting techniques, overall potential increasing the sales of her products.

Ideally, we’d pack the film full of interesting contents including a lot about Teignmouth (Laura Wall says that Teignmouth is a big inspiration for her art), a lot about the range of products she produces (e.g children’s books etc.), an insight into Laura’s past (e.g her inspirations, development), an insight into her future (e.g the next steps for Goose), her creative process, her styles and her routines. I think this would give the audience a lot of knowledge on Laura, perhaps persuading them to visit her gallery or buy her products.

The audience for this film will be a range of people. First of all, I think it’s important to attract parents, especially as a lot of Laura’s products are aimed at young children. I also think there is a big range of arty people who would be interested to see her work, so it is important to market the film to them also. In my opinion, the way to attract all of the possible audiences would be to create a light-hearted, casual video with our client talking colloquially and candidly in the video.

The actual filming shouldn’t take longer than a day (4-6 hours), but if Laura wanted we could spread that over a few days, as we understand that she has a busy schedule. Ideally, we’d film in the middle of the week starting Monday 10th October, as we’d have all of the equipment we’d need by then and it would give us a lot of time to edit the video.

Bronx – Restaurant

I propose to make a corporate film of approximately 2 minutes for Bronx Cafe, Teignmouth. The film will attempt to advertise the cafe to potential customers, and inform them about the cafe (opening times, policies etc.). The intended audience for this film will mainly be young adults (25-30) who are looking for a new, stylish cafe to eat and drink at. For this video, we would film all aspects of the cafe including the location, style and food and drink. We would also film interviews with the owners/chefs and possibly some customers. We would edit and film the video in a style reflective of the cafe, e.g old American style. Ideally we would need at least 2 days to film in early October for example the 3rd and 4th of October. The only monetary costs for the Bronx would be to provide food and drink for us to film.

Teignmouth Pier

I intend to make a corporate video for the grand pier teignmouth, the video will be approximately 3 minutes in length. The film will be to show all facilities, attractions and information on the pier in order to gain customers within the teignmouth area. The film will be aimed at tourists and families of all ages as it’s a great day out  as it is a massive range from a amusement to a cafe, the pier offer something for everyone whatever age. This is a feature i would across in the video along with interviews of the manager/owner and even some existing customers. The whole edit of the film would be in a similar style to an amusement game as this is what is being advertised and i think if pulled off it will be really effective. Ideally we would need at least 2 days to film in early October for example the 3rd and 4th of October. The only costs for this production necessary is cost for travel and food for the crew.

Men’s Sheds

I propose to make a corporate film of approximately 3 minutes for Mens shed charity. The film will display all of the great work done at the charity, therefore gaining peoples attention which consequently may make the charity some money. On the other hand the main target audience will be older people who may be interested in joining Mens shed. We would edit and film the video in a style reflective of the charity, e.g warm and calm. Ideally we would need at least 2 days to film in early October for example the 3rd and 4th of October. Only cost would be food and travel money for crew.

That concludes this document.


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