Making it (Pre-production & Production)

We have been fortunate enough to be able to secure our favourable client, Laura Wall. Now we are at a stage now where we need to start pre-production and planning for filming.

Specific Target Audience Profile:

Production Schedule:



On the whole, it was going to be extremely difficult if not, impossible to storyboard this type of footage. We had never been to this location before (besides the outside for recce) and we hadn’t spoken to Laura (besides email) at this point so we were unsure about how much freedom we would even have to shoot once we were inside the shop. Fortunately, she allowed us to move nearly everything around in her shop to get the shots we wanted. However this was not possible to plan through a storyboard. So instead what we decided to do was create a shot list (which Ozz drew beautifully) here are the shots we had in mind:


Script:  (Why we don’t need one)

Similar to the storyboard we was also not able to script this, as not only did we know what Laura was going to say, but we also really wanted to stay away from the idea of putting words in her mouth. Only Laura knows exactly what it is like in her shop, so since we didn’t have much control over this we decided to list a bunch of questions that would influence her to give the type of responses we could use in the corporate video without actually having to tell her what we wanted to hear. Here are the questions we created:

  1. Tell us about yourself.
  2. How did it all start?
  3. Why did being an artist appeal to you?
  4. Roughly how much time do you spend on one piece?
  5. How do you stand out from other artists?
  6. Where do you get your inspiration for your art from?
  7. How does being located in Teignmouth impact yourself and your art?
  8. Describe a normal day for you.
  9. What is your favourite part of being in the gallery?
  10. Describe your creative process for making a piece of art?
  11. How did the Goose book series start?
  12. What is next for the Goose book series?
  13. How did the Love at the Seaside story start?
  14. What’s next for you and your art?
  15. How did you develop your own, unique style?
  16. What awards have you won and how have they impacted your career?
  17. Where can people buy and view your art?
  18. Do you do commissions?
  19. What future projects are you most excited about?
  20. Do you have any upcoming events?

As well as this we tried to structure this in our head before actually filming it, so we knew along the lines of what we needed to film briefly. This was what we came up with during our group meeting. It also ties in with pre-production as it did extensively influence how we eventually filmed the video:


There are three main purposes of the corporate video: inform and advertise. Our aim is to inform the audience about who Laura Wall is and what she does in her gallery. We also want to advertise her work, by giving people an insight into her creative process using original and interesting techniques, overall potential increasing the sales of her products.

  • The two purposes of the video is inform and advertise.

Possible Content

Our initial idea was that rather than using the video to just buy Laura’s products and just force feeding the audience with reasons of why they need the stuff we are selling like most corporate videos do. We wanted to give it a more personal experience, rather than saying this is my corporate video, it would be more like the story of me and my shop, what I sell and what I get up to, but in a way that we could still sell the products (hopefully).

  • To start a small introduction about Laura

–  Who is Laura?

– What does she do?

– Laura’s inspirations?

  • Next part is more of a practical area, all about her products and how she creates them.

-Voiceover of Laura talking about how she does them,

– On screen would be images of her drawing, writing, on the computer and                 some possible images of her books (Goose).

– We want to show the audience how much time and effort is spent, on creating these amazing products for them. Making it quite personal for the audience. Particularly after they’ve taken the first minute or so of video to get to know Laura the first segment.

  • Finally we was also thinking it may be relevant to add a bit about Teignmouth. As it is quite inspirational the pieces you create.

Ask Laura if there is anything in particular she would like to add into the structure of change it completely? Since no one knows this place better than herself. What should be added?

Try and work out a date for filming, we estimate it would take about 4 – 6 hours to film. And we are very flexible since we understand Laura is busy, we could do it over a number of days, whichever make it easier for Laura.
Explain the equipment we would have in her shop, for example 2 soft box lights, would she have the plugs for them? And would it be ok?

Health & Safety – Recce:

When Laura first responded saying that she was interested myself and Ben went down to her shop to take some pictures and recce since Laura was away in London. However at this time we went to go down there was road works happening and her shop was blocked off by a van parking in front so we couldn’t get a clear picture. By the time we next went there it was when we had our first meeting with Laura which we then took some pictures and looked around inside to see if it was suitable for our shoot, which we decided that it was. Here are some of the images we took during our first shoot for our records:



Since for this project the budget isn’t a massive part as I would only have to pay for petrol to drive the equipment down and a parking ticket which is close to nothing. (However Ozz did get a train fine). I am going to look at what it would be like to budget this as a freelance career.

Using the minimum income calculator: ( it estimates that for a basic standard of living you would earn £21,175 which is equal to £336.94 per week going out.

Not that i’m saying that it’s impossible to earn this much money per week. But most customer that you would work with would generally hold a lot of your attention or time for a longer than a week with each product and since we will be aiming it at small businesses that may not have thousands to throw at a marketing video for them. Which means that this would probably not ideal for a freelance career unless you was also doing something else on the time, but this only includes basic living which means you may not even have any money to fix or even upgrade current equipment if necessary.


Laura Wall – Meeting  04 / 10 / 2016

During the meeting we discussed a number of things:

Equipment needed (And how we are going to get it):

  • Camera A – Canon 7D Mark II (Wide Angle  / Telephoto / Prime Lens)
  • Camera B – Nikon D5000 (18mm – 55mm lens)
  • Batteries – For cameras, microphones, lights if needed.
  • Tripod – One for each camera.
  • Slider – Brandon owns a slider but potentially hiring another one from the LRC would benefit.
  • SD cards – We have enough SD cards to not run out during Laura’s shoot.
  • Soft box lighting – Ben has ordered these. Estimated arrival next week before wednesday this should be before filming date which is yet to be confirmed.
  • White balance card – this could simply be a piece of paper.
  • Digital recorder (Zoom H4). (Ozz)
  • XLR cable. (Ozz)
  • Rode NTG-2 shotgun mic. (Ozz)

Structure of corporate video:

One thing we thought to be quite essential was to make the audience feel like it is telling you a story, and interacting with the audience as well as following the purpose of informing and advertising. With this in mind we briefly outline a rough estimate of how the structure of the corporate video should be:

  • To start we thought it would be best to add some “personal” things about Laura. Talking about herself, who she is, what are her inspirations. Once the audience have established that she is a real person, with real passions. (INFORMING)
  • It is then time to go onto the next section which is looking into her process of creating her art, what does she like the most about her day to day life at her gallery? (SELLING) Once the audience understands the amount of effort she puts into her work, they may then… think of her work as better (can’t word it).
  • It may be appropriate to add a bit of Teignmouth, asking why she feels the town is appropriate for her and helps her work, if it does. It may show her audience that they share a passion for the town they live in, as a lot of her drawings are based off of Teignmouth.

Jobs on days of filming:

Ozz: Sound. Operating and testing the sound. Using a Handheld microphone Zoom H4 most likely.

Brandon: Camera A

Ben: Camera B

Dan: (This is only relevant if Dan is able to make it on the day of filming which is yet to be confirmed due to his Operation. However his role at this time is asking the interview questions.  (Specify whatever you want to do Dan if anything else).

Plan for Friday:

On Friday 7th October we will be having a meeting with Laura, Brandon and Ben.

These are the things we need to organise/accomplish from the meeting.

  • Brainstorm what we need access to and if Laura can give us access to it.

E.g. soft box lighting, we need 2 plug sockets (I think), we need to know if these are available.

  • We should also confirm filming times and dates with her tomorrow. Anytime after Wednesday is ideal as that is the last expected date for the soft box lights to arrive.
  • We need Laura to sign a copy of the brief if possible. We should print that out Thursday (today).

Ask Laura if there are anything she would like to add.



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