Personal Performance Evaluation

Throughout the entire project I worked with three other members, Dan, Ozz and Ben.

During our time with Laura I would say that we were quite professional as a group. All of our interactions with Laura went smoothly and she seemed to be happy with the footage that we produced on the day, she also seemed overall impressed with our professionalism and I didn’t feel like we was in the way or any sort of annoyance to Laura whatsoever.

One thing that we knew we would have to do right was to be professional, treat Laura as if she were a paying client that is interested in our services. We really tried to outline this in the meeting we had with Laura prior to us filming, during this meeting we showed Laura the vision we had and our ideas to which she agreed and even added her own ideas and ways that she would like the finished product to look like. We was also on time throughout the times we visited her shop to film, we communicated clearly and had everything organised as our attempt to be professional. Beforehand we also worked out each others roles and that worked particularly well, although everyone did mainly do a bit of everything, we all knew who was the best person for specific shots which made the whole project flow very smoothly. Finally I would say that we were very professional and that really shows in the product and even just every shot I think.

When I first started enjoying film and its process I always used to think that it was basically just working on films, documentary and TV. It was very eye opening for me to see how much work goes into these types of advertising/corporate videos. I definitely enjoyed working with corporate video, it was so fulfilling to not only have a happy client and someone very enthusiastic about the product, but working with friends in a professional environment was also extremely useful as we knew each others strengths and weaknesses equally as well as being able to bounce off of each other when we needed ideas or even problem solving if needed. To conclude I now have such a big interest in carrying on with corporate video, as a media career maybe to start off doing free work and eventually with a good track record get some paying clients and even going freelance which leads on to my next topic.

Since this project I have had a great deal of thought about going freelance while trying to get a job within the industry. It has offered me some more opportunities for my next step and thats why we all knew we needed to put everything into this corporate video so we can go out to other potential clients and show them what we can do. This way of working was very enjoyable for myself, working with the clients is also such an enjoyable part of the project, you actually get a feel for who they are and it just allows you to create the project so much easier since you know exactly what they want and like. For example with Laura I feel like we have gained an extremely valuable contact and it is just great to reflect on how successful the whole project has been.


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