Ideas Development

INDIVIDUALLY  you should use your research to develop ideas for TV Shows and complete the following work:

  • The Ideas – outline TWO different ideas for a TV Show designed to be aired during your specific schedule slot. Provide a proposal which includes written details of the shows and also concept art, floor plan designs and any other additional planning documents
  • Rationale – write a mini evaluation of your two ideas exploring how they might appeal to your specific audience and how it is suitable for this channel and TV slot


The first idea I had was like a spin off or spoof of “Educating Essex” or “Educating Yorkshire” rather than going to schools and recording over a time period to literally just got footage of whats going on and the type of stories that are there; the idea that I have is basically setting something like this up.

In a nutshell, I think that the editing should be a similar style because I like how it tells the story of whats happening inside (and outside) of the school however in this version everything is set up. The students are ridiculously stereotyped and the teachers are very unusual (as we see the other side of them through the documentary style where there are sometimes interview style interviews throughout similar to the ones used in the other two programmes).

The floor plan and everything would probably just take place in an actually school environment, and it could possibly be filmed during the summer holidays using background student actors and main student actors for the main people that it focuses on. Although it would be fairly scripted – I can imagine it to be more Inbetweeners style dialogue and filming but closely following the educating essex type of filming.

Obviously the show would be scripted but I want it to be quite realistic too – I wouldn’t want people to think it was scripted and the dialogue should sound quite natural and not over the top – sort of like a low key Little Britain without the emphasis of being a very scripted show. I like the situations they’re in.

This programme would probably be on Channel 4 which is the same as Educating Essex e.c.t. but this programme would be heavily scripted. Along with this the floor plan would probably just be a normal school – it could be filmed in the summer and the production company could just get extras for other students and main actors for the other school kids. Something like this would be ideal sort of plan for the school and area:


Since it has a variety of places, it just makes it easier for the ideas and sketches to be idealised firstly and secondly filmed – the more spaces equals more opportunities in my opinion. Obviously this could easily be filmed in different studios but that would more than likely cost more money and effort where there doesn’t need to be.


The second idea was actually developed with my friend but we both liked the idea so much that we decided to work on it together.

This show probably has potential to be an internet show – all about film but also comedic. The main premise of the show that different actors each week would have to spin three wheels. Two of the wheels will have 10 different classical films on (20 in total) and the final wheel will have different sections for genres: Horror, Comedy, Romance, Actions e.c.t.

This would appeal to me personally and I would be excited to see where the show developed into. There would always be fresh content and never really scripted for the inserts, star draw would be a really big part of appealing to the audience which I suppose could be anywhere from 14 – 50 but specifically 18 – 24. The reason I think it would appeal to such a wide target audience is because of the actors who would appear on the show; some could be older and some younger but it all depends really on the fan base that actor has as it would most likely carry over to the show. I expect the audience viewers would differ from each show but if someone watched an episode because their favourite actor or a particular character they liked was starring in it, then after watching the episode hopefully it would be enough to get hooked onto the show.

Also I think this idea would be relevant to channel 4. Actors would have free range of what they say and don’t really have to avoid swearing and they can use explicit adult humor more freely which would appeal to the specific target audience.


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