Making the TV Show

IN YOUR TEAMS, you should develop ONE idea and turn this into a live TV Show. The finished product should have a run time from 20 – 25 minutes in length.

Producers are in charge from this stage on. They will hold regular meetings and help you to make independent decisions about your role to develop the production.


Who’s scene it?


Hello and welcome to who’s scene it? I’m Charlie Barclay and on today’s show we will be talking about new and upcoming films on “let’s review it”, famous movie errors that have coincidently gone right, we will be taking about Damien Chazelle and his films Whiplash and La La Land; then later I let you guys see how I go on with my chat with matt then we’ll be discussing Pixar conspiracy theories.

First up we will be going to “What do Vue think?”


Now “Let review it?”

Today’s choices are Star Wars Rouge one

Released in to cinemas on the 16th December 2016.

Directed by Gareth Edwards. The rebellion discovers the existence of a new super weapon, the death star created by the galactic empire. The rebellion must uncover the weakness and bring peace to the galaxy. The future of the galaxy depends on them… May the force be with them. Empire magazine had this to say “The ultimate Star Wars fan film, it’s short on whimsy but when it gets going there’s enough risk-taking and spectacle to bode well for future standalones.” It has a rotten tomato rating of 85% But I give it a Charlie Barclay rating of –  Let’s look at a snippet


Will this be the epic saga everyone has been waiting for? Only time will tell

My second choice for today is from our blast from the past section; Deadpool. Released on the 12th February 2016. Deadpool was pretty much the talk of most of 2016. The first thing I noticed about the film was how inventive it was; the film does throws you in to the action right from the very start; literally the very first moment. The action itself is very well designed and it uses pretty much every camera angle available. The pacing of the film is good and it doesn’t feel at all repetitive. The humour does lack slightly in places. Despite all my praise I don’t think it’s the perfect film. I’m going to have to give this one a Charlie Barclay rating of –  Here is a part of the trailer for you guys


Buy, rent or steal a copy today – well I mean don’t actual steal but watch it as soon as you can

Now for one of the parts I’m most looking forward to “Damien Chazelle yeah!” one of my favourite directors.  Damien Chazelle is an American director and screenwriter. He made his debut with a musical called Guy and Madeline on a park bench back in 2009. In 2014 he both wrote and directed the movie whiplash; which he describes as being a reaction to being stuck on another script- I just thought, that’s not working. Let me put it away and write this thing about being a jazz drummer in high school. Whiplash gained a lot of interest from producers but no on initially wanted to take the first step and turn it in to a movie but eventually now that it is a movie. It’s a very good one indeed; let’s look at part of the trailer


He does seem to like to incorporate music to help explain the narrative and tell the story. Now on to La la land. For those of you that haven’t seen it, I suggest you go to the cinema to do so. Another musical masterpiece engulfed with a twist of romance this time. Both the main characters Sebastian and Mia are drawn to each other through a common love and passion to do what they love but will their relationship be able to cope with the complications that success brings? Well guys you’re going to have to find out for yourselves.


Now for my chat with matt!


Now we’ll cut for a short break but we’ll be back soon!


Easter eggs yay! – or movie conspiracy theories.

Have you ever noticed the increasing links between certain movies – are they coincidences or not. You can see them a lot better in movies by Pixar. They seem to have developed a thing for leaving Easter eggs behind in their movies to make the audience think deeply about the connections that lie there. Have you seen the scene in Monsters Inc in Boo’s room where Jessy from toy story and nemo both appear as toys on the floor?  Or how Andy’s cowboy hats seem awfully familiar much like the one the little girl Emily was wearing while playing with Jessy in the flash back – was Andy’s mum once the little girl that left Jessy behind. Perhaps one of the most complicated ones must be between Frozen, Tangled and Tarzan. About how Anna and Elsa’s mon and dad wear on their way to Flynn and Rapunzel’s wedding but were then ship wreaked and become the parents of Tarzan before meeting their death by Sabor. We’d love to hear you thought about these guys so send us your thoughts or any theories you have noticed

Movie errors gone right

Todays will be the epic Star Wars fail that they decided to keep and it is hilarious.


And the amazing explosion scene of Batman; the dark knight; where the explosion didn’t go off when it was originally supposed to due to only one shooting it was perfectly executed by Heath Ledger with some amazing improvisation


Hey what’s next Charlie

Here what to look forward to on the next show

We will be looking at the new beauty and the beast and passengers. We will be having a viewer’s vote DC vs Marvel – who will you side with? See you next time on Who’s scene it?

Good evening and Goodbye


Opening credits

Intro – Charlie introduces the show

Lets review it part 1

VT – Star Wars Rouge One insert

Lets review part two

VT – Deadpool trailer

Damien Chazelle yeah! part 1

VT – Whiplash insert

Damien Chazelle yeah! Part 2

VT – La la land insert

VT Chat with Matt

VT Apple commercial

Easter egg yay!

Movie errors gone right

VT – Star Wars/ Batman insert

Hey what’s next Charlie


Who’s scene it?

For our live unit, we have ended up doing a live review show called Who’s’ scene it. We have decided that I would be best as we are short of time to only have one presenter to do it only as a new show type lay out. Using that as inspiration for the layout we intend to proceed by using a talk show layout but a news style structure so that one presenter doesn’t get lost by the surrounding. Our presenter has a big personality and I think if that is shown and where he can express himself and improvise slightly when the moment comes it will be easier for him to create an atmosphere and engages with the audience. We have spilt the show in to different segments and given them all cheesy names after what has happened to be a series of unfortunate events we decided that simply and doable would be easier than ambitious and creative. The show must go on! Or so they say. We will start the show off with our presenter Charlie introducing what the show is about and explain the content to the audience. We have made quite a few points for him to talk about new and current films but also about stuff that is easy for viewers to access at home or online, We will then take a look at the trailers and clips and Charlie will make comments. This will be incorporated with a run our own VT’s of vox pops which we have called What’s you Vue? Based upon a pun about the Vue cinema in which they were asked. We have created an interview VT where Charlie will interview a famous vlogger about his work and what’s inspired him. We will then carry on to talk about famous movie errors that have gone right. i.e. Where the Star Wars Stormtrooper bangs his head whilst walking under the lifting door. Also in Batman, the Dark Knight with the hospital explosion and the bomb doesn’t go off when everyone expected but Heath Ledger improvises and manages to pull off an amazing scene. We have decided to our only filmed insert from our last idea and use that as an actual commercial. The idea is to keep it serious with a hint of humour and I’ve based the script around what will be easier for the presenter to talk about; within the segments the presenter is familiar with the topics. I think we can portray this well and still make it look to a professional standard. This is quite a mass market product that would appeal to a lot of people who are movie fanatics. The psychographics of the consumer will be open minded, serious but up for a laugh, have a good sense of humour. Be smart yet social they will always be able to find time for their friends and help with their life issues. They will lead a middle-class lifestyle and probably still live at home with their parents, or in shared accommodation amongst friend’s whist studying. Geo-demographics; they will live in England; I would say in cities as they would be closer to their local cinemas. Their demographics are aged sixteen to eighteen of both genders. This isn’t a cultural based production so I don’t think it would be just for one ethnicity. On the cross-cultural consumer characterisation, they would fit in to the category mainstreamer/ explorer. They will be domestic, sentimental, passive, they will favour well know good for money brands and buy something simply to follow trend. They will try to get the latest deals and save money wherever they can. They will be full of energy; they will like to discover what is new and current and will always be looking for adventures or a way to get themselves in to mischief. On the social occupation classification, they will be at grade E because they will mainly be students that are on little or no income.  They will probably subscribe to stuff like Netflix, Spotify and Amazon prime etc. They will be experimental and be interested in the arts; whether that is music, film etc. They will describe themselves as geeky, alternative, relaxed. But sometimes can be depressed, stubborn and lacking in self – confidence.


WS – main camera [A]
MEDWIDE – camera [B]
MED – camera [C]
CU – camera [B]


Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 14.47.42.png






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