UAL Project Proposal

Before you start your final production you MUST complete a formal Project Proposal. This proposal MUST be word processed and signed off by your teacher before you start the project.

You must use the headings below as a template for your proposal.

Centre Name and Number: Exeter College – 54221

Student Name and Number: Brandon Apps – 00000

Project Proposal Title and Date: Two Foot Under (24/02/17)

Main Pathway/Medium: Short Film

Section One – Rationale (100 – 150 words MAXIMUM)

All of my briefs have come with valuable lessons. TV studio brief taught me a lot about working with a group, and I’m glad that in this brief a lot didn’t go to plan, and that everyone didn’t see eye to eye; because I learned that this can happen and I can now look back and see why that happened to make project like this go smoother in the future. Corporate video dramatically increased my confidence when showing my work to clients. I created something I am happy with and if I continued down this route, freelancing and earning money from filmmaking doesn’t seem so impossible anymore. I think my cinematography has improved greatly through these projects, and this has influenced me to try and carry this through to my FMP; having aesthetically pleasing shots and trying to shake off the “student filmmaker” tag that separates them from professionals.

Section TwoProject Concept (200-250 words MAXIMUM)

The main concept for my FMP project will be the use of cinematography and look at how that affects the film as a whole, I want to be able to justify why I have used a certain shot and show the effects it gives in the final film. The idea around this short film is that two teenagers (who are clearly inexperienced in this line of work) have to bury a dead body after getting too involved in a gang. It will be a tragic comedy dealing as its dealing with the themes of death but the comedy will mainly stem from everything that can go wrong will go wrong. This along with their inexperience of burying dead bodies and the fact that they don’t get along with each other. I want it to be a film that myself and other people can actually find funny and enjoy, I want it to look aesthetically pleasing as well as having a meaning, I want to develop my research and look into themes to actually subtly put them in the film and explore ideas through this way. For this, it could be exploring morals and how people perceive them – but we also wouldn’t want to take that to far because then it would be more of a drama and probably wouldn’t be as funny which is also why I want to look at types of comedy and implement anything relevant. 

Section Three – Evaluation (50-100 words MAXIMUM)

During the project, I will break each week down by going into detail about what I have done. I will write daily except for the days where no progress was made I will leave blank.  I will also record the decision making progress and record changes in this diary. At the very end, I will write my evaluation rather than record it because I can be more precise and efficient rather than going off track in a VLOG.

Section Four – Production Schedule/Action Plan (no word count)

The Riddle House Production Schedule

Section Five – Research Sources/Bibliography (no word count)

YouTube. 2014. Edgar Wright – How to Do Visual Comedy. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 18 January 2017].

YouTube. 2016. Editing In Storytelling. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 18 January 2017].

Raindance. 2012. 7 Rules for Writing Short Films. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 18 January 2017].


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