Personal Performance Evaluation

Throughout¬†the entire project I worked with three other members, Dan, Ozz and Ben. During our time with Laura I would say that we were quite professional as a group. All of our interactions with Laura went smoothly and she seemed to be happy with the footage that we produced on the day, she also seemed overall impressed with our professionalism and I didn’t feel like … Continue reading Personal Performance Evaluation

Making it (Pre-production & Production)

We have been fortunate enough to be able to secure our favourable client, Laura Wall. Now we are at a stage now where we need to start pre-production and planning for filming. Specific Target Audience Profile: Production Schedule: Storyboard:¬† On the whole, it was going to be extremely difficult if not, impossible to storyboard this type of footage. We had never been to this location … Continue reading Making it (Pre-production & Production)

Finding, Understanding And Approaching A Client

-Research – Video Analysis Before I can begin approaching clients about creating them a corporate video, it would be extremely useful to gain an understanding of how they should be as a finished product and look at the different styles of corporate videos by analysing some existing work. Shelter The first corporate video that I wanted to analyse was an infographic for a charity called … Continue reading Finding, Understanding And Approaching A Client