Research Evaluation The research I did, definitely shaped the entire film in some ways. Since I mainly did research for the Night Shift idea as I did not have much time to do extra research for the Two Foot Under short film. To start, I basically looked at my main practitioner Stanley Kubrick and secondary practitioner Edgar Wright. During this stage, we realised we wanted … Continue reading Evaluations


UAL Project Proposal Before you start your final production you MUST complete a formal Project Proposal. This proposal MUST be word processed and signed off by your teacher before you start the project. You must use the headings below as a template for your proposal. Centre Name and Number: Exeter College – 54221 Student Name and Number: Brandon Apps – 00000 Project Proposal Title and … Continue reading Proposal


Practitioners STANLEY KUBRICK For my main practitioner, I am going to be researching is Stanley Kubrick, and this is for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I have watched a few documentaries on Kubrick and I think his process of creating the film is very intereassting, like for example how he prefers to have the minimal amount of people on set, only if they are necessary. … Continue reading Research