Ideas Development

INDIVIDUALLY  you should use your research to develop ideas for TV Shows and complete the following work: The Ideas – outline TWO different ideas for a TV Show designed to be aired during your specific schedule slot. Provide a proposal which includes written details of the shows and also concept art, floor plan designs and any other additional planning documents Rationale – write a mini … Continue reading Ideas Development

Choosing Your Focus Area

The specific industry I am going to be researching and exploring is film, as well as using representation as my specific media topic area. I have decided to name my Ted Talk: “The Colour of Story“ ABSTRACT The main theme and idea for my Ted Talk is to explore how the representation of colour in film contributes to telling the story. I’ve know from previously studying … Continue reading Choosing Your Focus Area

Critical Frameworks

“Explain the sort of issues the topic area covers and reflect on how interesting you find this aspect of media” Genre Genre is a massively important part of film (and different platforms) which basically categorizes different media products into their own distinctive genre. Genre means a few things, first of all they have expectations, for example if you go to the cinema to see a … Continue reading Critical Frameworks